Big Walk Kefalonia (BWK) is an inaugural charity event being organized by local residents of Kefalonia. 14641900_312194462496992_4954582096280518093_n

It is a moderate and fun hike covering about 75 km of Kefalonian trails over 5 days and 4 nights. It is open to all. The aim of BWK is to raise funds for two small, but effective charities, known personally to us currently working with refugees and homeless people in Greece; Nurture Project International and O Allos Anthropos.


Funds raised will also assist the welfare of stray animals in Kefalonia via Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK).

We are very glad that we help by designing the charity event website and that we learned that the event will repeat. We make a collective effort to identify needs at local and national level and where we can, to help, to supplement, to support, to promote. For more information about the event save the address:


What an amazing turnout from the residents of Kefalonia!

Fantastic BIG Family Day Walk 2016. 120 walkers, 13,000 Euro raised from the event!