Network and Security team of Supreme-Net, would like to inform you on several attempts and multiple phishing insidents via Calls to users from  phone +4534599990.

When they call you from this number, they say they are from Microsoft or other great organization and they ask from users to perform actions and installations on their computers.

Their Aim seems to be to gain access on your personal data(mail, banking, etc), passwords (via this “phishing” call technic) through calling you and requesting to perform various actions.

WHAT SHOULD DO: directly and with no further discussion, you may hang up. In case you would like to report issue on local authorities, just ask more details of the caller, on how he found your number, name and also ask for his/her name.

Kindly note, that industries like Microsoft, would only call you in case you raise support issue for very specific product and not generic call.


WHAT NOT TO DO: Do NOT provide further personal details or provide access to your personal computer via any way. Make sure you do not simply “run” any cleanup program via url address over the internet, that they will provide.


Supreme-Net team is at your disposal (SUPPORT @ ή contact form ) for further technical it support and preventive checkup of your internal-external Network Security, Computers, Workstations and Business Applications.


We use best available tools on level of Antivirus Protection, Firewalls and Vulnerability Assessment Tools, so we can best define possible security issues.