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Purchasing Microsoft Azure is as easy as it is to use. Easy, fast and with no hidden costs.

Credits are valid for 12 months from the purchase date. Unlimited top-ups for everyone.

    * all prices do not include vat taxes.

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    Would you like to know how much you will actually pay for the service? With the Pricing Calculator available on the manufacturer’s website, you can calculate your monthly bills.

    This means you won’t have to pay that much. In the Azure services billing portal you can monitor your current actual use and other costs.

    Calculate your Azure Credits here or Contact Us to help you.

    Azure is a professional cloud service platform from Microsoft. With its advanced features, you can run virtual machines, SQL databases, build backups for your resources, and much more, all without having to worry about breakdowns and ageing software or hardware.

    Azure supports all operating systems and a wide array of programming languages. Simply lets you access integrated services, including computing power, storage, apps, data, and networks, with which you can manage your infrastructure, perform more tasks and, most of all, gain substantial cost savings.


    Microsoft Azure is also available for Open subscription, with better access for small and medium businesses.

    How can you get started with Azure? We offer you Azure Credit Tokens, which are sold at a lower price than their value.

    These tokens are then converted to credit, which only gets paid out for the actual use of the cloud resources, by per-minute billing. If you are short on credit for your platform, just purchase another token. It’s that easy!

    Supreme-Net team of specialists, can help you deploy, monitor and maintain your Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure. We specialize in Managing all required services on Cloud and help you improve efficiency, lower your operation costs and increase security.

    Azure Active Directory

    Azure Virtual Machines

    Azure Web-Sites

    Azure Back-up

    Azure VPN

    Application Development

    Azure RemoteApp

    Messaging Solutions

    Application Integration

    Data Analytics & Data Platforms

    Web Hosting on Cloud

    Software Asset Management

    Unified Communications & VoIP

    Small Business Operations

    Digital Advertising

    Collaboration and Content

    Intelligent Systems

    Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

    Built Hybrid Datacenter

    Our team succesfully support several Companies with Global presence, based on cloud infrastructure.
    We can certainly help you too.

    Contact us to present our full services portfolio and implemented Solutions.


    Virtual Machines

    We deploy new virtual machines depending on your needs. We also migrate or transfer existing on premises machines to Azure, with all the proper configurations.

    VPN gateway

    We deploy secure VPN connections between Azure servers or between Azure and on-premises servers and equipment, for secure communication through various geo-locations.

    Multi-factor Authentication

    Enhance your account login security with more security requirements, other than a simple password entry.

    Deploy Windows or Linux Servers

    Need a linux server? No problem! We deploy Windows and Linux server, with a variety of platforms, including proper configuration based on your needs

    Websites Hosting

    We create a fresh new website, or we can migrate your current website to Azure. Also, we can manage auto-scaling options, depending on your various traffic needs.

    File Storage on Cloud

    We can transfer your data to Azure! Feel safe by having a copy of your files on cloud, with the ability to manage and sync them.

    Recovery Services & Backup

    We protect your Azure virtual machine with recovery services and manual backup solutions. Your virtual machines are safe and can be restored to multiple restore poing, if something goes wrong.

    SQL database

    Do you want to move your SQL databases on Azure, or create a copy on it? We safely transfer your databases to cloud and create mechanisms to replicate them.

    Office 365 Deployment

    We build your Office 365 account from scratch, configuring your custom domains, adding and managing new or existing users and permissions. We also can synchronize you on premises users with Office 365 and simplify your logins with Single Sign-on.

    Exchange On Line

    We setup your user email accounts, providing access and send-as permissions and other email options. We can create distribution lists for multiple recipients, alias for multiple email addresses and transport rules for email distribution management. Deleted some important mails? No problem for us, with our deleted mail recovery services

    Sharepoint / OneDrive for Business

    We deploy your internal department or project portal, with access rights assessment. We also take care of your device sync setup, the necessary versioning and alerts for keeping track of changes. For more advanced services, we can create and manage various workflows and integrate your portal with 3rd party systems ( Business Connectivity Solutions)

    Skype for Business

    We are able to manage your communication with consumer skype or external partners, with our federation services


    We deploy all types of backup solutions for your on premises or cloud infrustructure

    Disaster recovery / Business Continuity

    We deploy Disaster recovery sites, with fail-over & cluster capabilities


    We provide virtualization solutions, by managing current virtual machines, deploying new or converting physical machines to virtual



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